What We Do

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The Federation has a number of aims and objectives:

  • To organise, promote and protect the interests of Vintners and Publicans.
  • To take combined action to protect the interests of any member of the Federation.
  • To promote improvements in how licensing laws affect the trade.
  • To afford advice and to circulate information among members.
  • To advise members on individual issues including licensing, employment, service, legal, administrative etc.
  • To improve the technical and general knowledge of the members.
  • To obtain special advantages for members.
  • To keep watch on all proceedings of the Oireachtas with a view to taking steps to promote/protect the interests of members in respect of licensing laws.
  • To represent the views of the Licensed Trade upon all matters touching its interests.
  • To promote Advisory Services for the benefit of members.
  • To participate in any form of activity which may be of advantage to members which would promote and protect their interests and generate goodwill for the trade.

VFI Achievements

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  • Reform of the Laws governing premium payment on Sunday
  • Reduction in energy costs through agreement with alternative suppliers
  • Reduction in entertainment costs through agreement with IMRO
  • Agreement with Suppliers on Cold Room Grants
  • Requirement to take Equality cases in respect of Licensed Premises to the Court rather than to the Equality Tribunal
  • Retention of Early Morning Licences in 2008 Act by effective lobbying
  • Handle approximately 2,000 individual queries / advice requests from members per annum



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VFI Suppliers

With approximately 4,500 members the VFI is a strong National Trade Organisation. We are there to work on our members' behalf to promote and protect their interests.

We are there to advise our members when they experience difficulties of any sort within their business.

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